Serve our delicious chocolates, with cocktails to match, in your bar or coffee shop. Stock them in your hotel shop for your guests increased satisfaction.

Serve a pair or four of our delicious hand painted chocolates as a stand out goodnight gift for night table or pillow.


Serve our delicious CHOCOLATE JEWELS as a special addition to those post meal, coffees, teas or liqueurs.


We also offer our CHOCOLATE IMPERIALS. Serve these delicious double size chocolates, with fresh fruit and a drizzle of fresh cream as an exquisite dessert. Offered with our full range of fillings with the addition of a madeira cake centre.


Special gifts, a reward for dedicated employees, or that extra something to offer guests or to make your office function out of the ordinary.


As part of your corporate profile, providing our boxed sets of chocolates, with your logo on the inside will make your company stay on in the mind for a long time.

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